Achieved HD Result (90+) These are concise but comprehensive notes, combining lectures and readings. These notes are great for exams! To achieve your best, you do not want to be flicking through pages of notes, you need to be writing. This particularly applies to your handwritten exams. Therefore, these notes are focused on the examinable areas. This will give you quick but comprehensive references for making arguments in problem questions. Additionally, these notes provide clear steps for you to revise and understand the content. These notes are yours! Use them as your summary notes for exams. Add extra authorities and restructure as you like! This will provide you with all that is required (and more) to answer your Criminal Law B exam comprehensively. TOPICS: Statutory Interpretation (mens rea, and strict and absolute liability) Public Order Offences Property Offences Extending Criminal Liability Defences Sentencing


Semester 2, 2022

35 pages

7,888 words


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