I received a score of 6/7 for 1003PSY however, for the mid Trimester and end of trimester exams, I only studied for less than ~1 day. Details: · Organized and detailed notes · Compilation of all lecture notes/book notes · Contain comprehensive diagrams Topics covered: · Describing human behaviour with statistics · The histogram · Measures of central tendency and measures of spread · Applying descriptive statistics to real-world problems · Using Pictures to Describe Behaviour · Introducing The Normal Distribution and Z-Scores · Confidently Calculating Z-Scores and Finding Proportions: A Step By · · Step Guide · An Introduction to Correlational Research · Conducting and Interpreting Pearson and Spearman Correlations · Samples and Populations · Probability and Proportions · Sampling from a Population · What are Confidence Intervals? · Introduction to Hypothesis Testing · How Do We Test a Hypothesis? · Repeated Measures and Independent Measures · Conducting Repeated Measures t-tests · Independent Measures t-tests


Semester 2, 2023

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