-scored 100% on the open book online test (worth 20% of grade) using these notes -comprehensive summary of ALL modules week 1-11 -modules broken down into core learning objectives (clearly marked with *) -includes all relevant content needed for each assignment and the online quiz -includes notes based on seminar activities and tips given from seminar tutor (attended all seminars) TOPICS INCLUDED: MODULE 1: Tracing the Landscape of Psychological Testing and Assessment (pg 2-6) MODULE 2: Norms and Reliability (pg6-13) MODULE 3: Validity and Utility (pg13-19) MODULE 4: Ethical and Cultural Considerations (pg19-24) MODULE 5: Intelligence: Theories and Issues (pg24-33) MODULE 6: Tests of Intelligence and their Applications (pg33-46) MODULE 7: Child and Developmental Assessment (pg46-62) MODULE 8: Personality Assessment Fundamentals (pg62-68) MODULE 9: Clinical Psychology: Assessment and Applications Part 1 (pg68-72) MODULE 10: Clinical Psychology: Assessment and Applications Part 2 (pg72-78) MODULE 11: Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment (pg78-85) Good luck with the unit!


Trimester 1, 2023

85 pages

22,737 words



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