A summarised step-by-step exam script for your LAW1114 exam! Includes: • non-fatal, non-sexual offences against the person • sexual offences • homicide • criminal defences • a helpful checklist to ensure you cover everything in your exam answers! Topic list: 1. Common law assault (apprehension and application of force) 2. Causing serious injury intentionally 3. Causing serious injury intentionally to another person in circumstances of gross violence 4. Causing serious injury recklessly 5. Causing serious injury recklessly to another person in circumstances of gross violence 6. Negligently causing serious injury 7. Causing injury intentionally or recklessly 8. Threat to kill 9. Threat to inflict serious injury 10. Reckless conduct endangering life 11. Reckless conduct endangering persons 12. Stalking 13. Rape 14. Rape by compelling sexual penetration 15. Sexual assault 16. Sexual assault by compelling sexual touching 17. Assault with intent to commit a sexual offence 18. Threat to commit a sexual offence 19. Procuring sex act by fraud 20. Common law murder 21. Unintentional killing in the course or furtherance of a crime of violence (constructive murder) 22. Manslaughter by unlawful and dangerous act (UDA Manslaughter) 23. Negligent manslaughter by act and omission 24. Criminal defences All relevant legislative provisions (green) and case law (pink) is included in a concise and easy to exam-cram way to help you get through SWOTVAC and exam period! Good luck <3


Semester 2, 2022

21 pages

9,879 words



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