These are the notes for BTX3181 Marketing Law Law at Monash Uni. They cover all the course content across the seven key topics taught in the unit (See contents below). The notes also include the most helpful resource that I created - answer guides and summaries to key areas of questions. These guides step you through how to answer each in order to ace tests and exams. These notes and answer guides helped me succeed in this unit, and helped me to ace the exam and reinforce my learning. All the best! CONTENTS: Introduction – What is law? How is it created? Topic 1 – What is intellectual property? Topic 2 – Patents Part 1 – What is a patent and elements to establish patentability of invention Topic 2 – Patents Part 2 – Ownership and infringement Topic 3 – Duty of Confidence – Trade Secrets Topic 4 – Copyright Part 1 – How to obtain copyright in a work? Topic 4 – Copyright Part 2 – Ownership and Infringement Topic 5 – Designs Topic 6A – Trademarks Topic 6A – Trademarks Part 2 – Ownership and Infringement Topic 6B – Protecting outside of trademarks – Tort of passing-off and ACL s18 Topic 7A – Advertising Topic 7B – Selling techniques Exam Summaries Exam Checklists


Semester 1, 2022

48 pages

20,752 words



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