These are the notes for BTF2000 Corporations Law at Monash Uni. They cover all the course content across the ten topics taught in the unit (See contents below). These notes helped me achieve a HD in the unit, and helped me to ace the exam and reinforce my learning. All the best! Topic 1 (Business Structures and Organisations) – Topic 1A: Business Organisations and Choosing a business structure 2 Topic 1 cont. (Business Structures and Organisations) – Topic 1B: Trust and Business Names 3 Topic 2: Companies, incorporation and financing a company including types of shares 4 Topic 3: Company constitution and replaceable rules 7 Topic 4: Disclosure 9 Topic 5: Members, members’ powers, and dividends 11 Topic 6: Corporate governance, company management and directors’ & officers’ duties 12 Topic 7: Members’ remedies 17 Topic 8: Receivership and voluntary administration 19 Topic 9: Liquidation 20 Topic 10: Ethical Considerations 22


Semester 1, 2021

22 pages

8,730 words



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