Guaranteed the BEST and ONLY set of EXTREMELY ORGANISED NOTES that you will need for the final exam!! These notes extensively COVER ALL TOPICS THAT CAN BE ASSESSED which is ESSENTIAL for the multiple choice, short answer, and extended response questions that you have to complete in the exam. These notes include: - readily available ANSWERS for each topic that can be assessed in the exam which makes it easy to FINISH THE EXAM in the time period - the NOTES also include FORMATTING of how to STRUCTURE ANSWERS with all the KEY CASES being cited - making it easy to simply copy and paste into the exam then apply the facts! - every section of the CPA that is assessable! rlly important for multiple choice and short answer questions - TABLE OF CONTENTS for easy access to each topic during the exam - extensive CASE SUMMARIES of all the key cases at the end of each topic plus more which will distinguish you from others I promise these notes will NOT disappoint and are DEFINITELY worth the price. Topics covered include: Case Management Overriding Purpose Open Justice Access to Justice Client Care BEFORE COMMENCING PROCEEDINGS ADR Jurisdiction Limitation Periods COMMENCING PROCEEDINGS Initiating Proceedings Joining Parties & Causes of Action Drafting Pleadings TIMELINE OF COMMENCING PROCEEDINGS: Service CONDUCTING PROCEEDINGS Evidence in Proceedings Interlocutory Applications Interlocutory Orders & Injunctions CONCLUDING PROCEEDINGS Costs and Settlement Strike-out Summary disposal Vexatious Litigants Enforcing Judgments Appeals Enjoy and good luck!! :)))


Autumn session, 2023

88 pages

51,796 words



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