Guaranteed the BEST and ONLY set of EXTREMELY ORGANISED NOTES that you will need for the final exam!! These notes extensively COVER ALL HOP's and LIMITATIONS that will be ASSESSED. These notes include: - readily available TEMPLATES for each HOP and LIMITATION that can be assessed in the exam which makes it easy to FINISH THE EXAM on time (especially because this subject normally has 3 hour exams!) - the templates include all FORMATTING of how to STRUCTURE ANSWERS with all the KEY CASES being cited - you simply just need to copy and paste them into the exam, apply the facts, and voila! - TABLE OF CONTENTS for easy access to each topic during the exam - extensive CASE SUMMARIES of all the key cases within each topic plus more which will distinguish you from others I promise these notes will NOT disappoint and are DEFINITELY worth the price. Topics covered include: General Structure of Exam Response How to answer a problem Step 1: Characterisation Step 2: Limits Step 3: Where there is a State law, is it inconsistent with a Cth law? HOP Corporations Power (s 51(xx)) Defence Power External Affairs Power Executive / Nationhood Power LIMITATIONS Separation of judicial power – Cth and State THE SEPARATION OF STATE JUDICIAL POWER – KABLE PRINCIPLE Protective Detention Preventative Detention Control Orders Immigration Detention Intergovernmental immunities MELBOURNCE CORPORTATION PRINCIPLE CIGAMATIC PRINCIPLE Acquisition of property on just terms Freedom of religion Trial by jury Implied freedom of political communication INCONSISTENCY Inconsistency of laws s 109 Enjoy and good luck!! :)))


Autumn session, 2023

67 pages

28,237 words



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