These are extremely comprehensive LAWS2016 Evidence Notes with integrated scaffolds that can be used for the final exam (this is what I did). Benefits of my notes: - I have done all the readings and marked the most important parts from each judgement - Includes all statute provisions (green boxes) with added commentary - Nuanced points or additional explanations from the lectures beyond the slides are written in italics - Notes are integrated with step by step guides (see blue boxes and blue writing) which I used as exam scaffolds - Detailed case summaries These notes are super detailed and with over 150 pages I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Topics included: 1. Introduction to evidence law 2. Relevance 3. Proof: burdens and standards of proof 4. Adversarial trial 5. Witnesses, documents and real evidence 6. Credibility of witnesses 7. Hearsay 8. Tenancy and coincidence 9. Character of the accused in a criminal trial 10. Opinions 11. Identification evidence 12. Discretions 13. Admissions 14. Privilege on witnesses against self-incrimination 15. Proof 16. Warnings Goodluck! :)


Semester 2, 2022

156 pages

69,237 words



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