These notes cover the topics in extensive detail and help with determining contrasts in topics through the addition of tables. Each week is covered and outlined in bold, with dot pointed information to summarise key points. Each week covered is listed below: Week 1 - Induced Innate Immune Responses Week 2 - Neutrophils and Macrophages Week 3 - Natural Killer Cells, Unconventional T cells, Innate Lymphoid Cells Week 4 - Antigen presenting cells, Antigen processing and presentation Week 5 - DC: T cell interactions and MHC/TCR interactions Week 6 - B cells and T cells Week 7 - Epigenetic regulation of T cell function and the germinal centre Week 8 - Lymphocyte development and Tolerance Week 9 - Tregs and Mucosal Immunity Week 10 - T cell receptor signalling and B cell receptor signalling


Semester 1, 2023

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