This document contains EXTENSIVE notes of ALL the content to be learnt in HPS307 (ONE STOP SHOP). I have organised the notes into weekly topics that are further broken into weekly learning objectives (examinable). Information in this document is derived from the textbook (examinable pages), weekly mini lecture videos and seminar materials. Pictures and graphs are included throughout as well as coloured text for definitions helpful for visual learners! Examples and previous studies are included to enhance concept understanding. These notes were all that I needed to help me obtain my final mark of 94 in HPS307! If you are going for psychology honours, marks in this unit count towards your WAM so give it your all! These notes relate to the following weekly topics (textbook pages for each week and learning objective are noted): WK1: WHAT IS PERSONALITY? WK2: DOMINANT THEORIES: BIOLOGICAL AND TRAIT WK3: DOMINANT THEORIES: SOCIAL LEARNING AND SELF-CONCEPT WK4: DOMINANT THEORIES: PSYCHODYNAMIC & MOTIVATION WK5: TESTING AND MEASUREMENT WK6: PERSONALITY ACROSS THE LIFESPAN WK7: PERSONALITY, HEALTH, AND WELLBEING WK8: PERSONALITY DISORDERS AND THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES WK9: PERSONALITY AND COGNITION WK10: PERSONALITY IN THE WORKPLACE WK11: PERSONALITY AND CULTURE


Trimester 2, 2022

180 pages

68,643 words



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