Although it is a lot of words and this document contains extensive notes of ALL the content to be learnt in HPS203 (ONE STOP SHOP). These notes move through the course at week 1 through to week 11. I have broken the notes into weekly topic notes that are further broken into weekly learning objectives. Information in this document is derived from the textbook, seminar and lecture materials (including weekly lecture videos), as well as the weekly revision questions. Pictures and graphs are included throughout- helpful for visual learners like myself! The textbook also includes many experiments to help illustrate key ideas, I have included experiments throughout to further aid content learning. These notes were all that I needed to help me obtain my final mark of 96 in HPS203! These notes relate to the following weekly topics, further broken down into LOs within each topic and relevant chapter pages (important for exam study!): W1: INTRODUCTION TO ‘COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY’ AND ‘OBJECT RECOGNITION W2: ATTENTION W3: WORKING MEMORY W4: ENCODING AND RETRIEVAL W5: REMEMBERING COMPLEX EVENTS W6: CONCEPTS W7: VISUAL KNOWLEDGE W8: JUDGEMENT AND REASONING W9: PROBLEM SOLVING & CREATIVITY W10: INTELLIGENCE W11: CONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT


Trimester 1, 2022

165 pages

58,328 words



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