These are the detailed version of the copyright notes that will provide you with order and structure in approaching problem questions. I am also selling a copy of the simplified pure-scaffold version. I have also produced a clear scaffold structure in these notes that is EASY to read and navigate through. This is the detailed version if you want information with more detailed facts and judgments about cases and the law. I have completed all the readings this semester to get the PINPOINTS you need that will give you the bonus marks in achieving that D/HD. These notes combine readings, cases and lecture notes. These sets of notes are well worth the investment and will save you a lot of time and trouble from reading cases and re-watching lectures. ✓ Succinct information ✓ Comprehensive ✓ Colour-coded for easy reading Light blue = key principle Pink = Cases Dark blue = legislation Red / bold = anything super key to point out Topics 1. Introduction to Copyright 2. History and Basic Principles 3. Subsistence Criteria 4. Subject Matter 5. Ownership and Exploitation 6. Infringement 7. Economic Rights: Enumerated Rights 8. Authorisation of Infringement 9. Exceptions and Limitations 10. Other rights of creators and owners 11. Remedies for Infringement 12. Introduction to Design Law 13. Copyright-Design Overlap


Semester 2, 2022

105 pages

63,618 words



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