In your first year of law and not sure how to approach note-taking? Cases are too long and not sure what is important? These notes will help YOU find the key information that YOU most need for an introductory law unit like torts. These notes help you break down each case in the reading guide into Facts, Issues and Results/Principles so you can grab the key points to apply into your problem question response. I have read the cases and taken lecture notes so that YOU don’t need to. I achieved an 89 HD in Torts in this unit with these sets of notes. You can achieve a great mark to kick start your legal studies by using these notes to supplement your studies. ✓ Succinct ✓ Comprehensive ✓ Colour-coded for easy reading Get these notes now and help yourself in law school :) TOPICS COVERED Topic 1 — Introduction to Torts Topic 2 — Vicarious Liability Topic 3 — Concurrent, Joint and/or Several Liability for Personal Injury; Contribution Rights Topic 4 — Historical Background of Modern Tort Law Topic 5— Trespass to the Person Topic 6 — Action on the Case for Wilful Injury Topic 7 — The Statutory Action for Psychiatric Injury to Relatives of Victims of Intentional Wrongs Topic 9 — Defences to Intentional Torts Topic 10 — Negligence: Duty of Care Topic 11 — Negligence: Breach of Duty Topic 12 — Causation and Remoteness of Damage/Scope of Liability Topic 13 — Defences to Negligence Topic 14 — Compensation for Personal Injuries Topic 15 — Compensation to Third Parties Following Injury to or Death of the Primary Victim


Semester 1, 2022

53 pages

31,620 words



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