Don’t want to spend your time reading these long, boring journal articles? Want to save time on lectures, tutorial and note-taking? Finding concepts difficult? These are the notes for YOU. I have undertaken all the readings, watched lectures and taken notes in tutorials/seminars to compile this document. These notes are formatted in a digestible and easy to read format that captures the key information that you need. I was able to achieve 2nd in Course with these notes. ✓ Succinct and concise ✓ Organised and neat ✓ Covers all required reading materials (as at the date of this course) Get these notes now and help yourself in BUSS1000 :) TOPICS COVERED Part 1: Theory & Fundamentals - Introduction and the future of business - Role of Business in Society - Internal Analysis - External Analysis Part 2: Trends, challenges, and opportunities - Information, communication, and technology - Sustainability - Evolving workplace - Urbanisation - Emerging and Growing Markets Part 3: ‘Solution’ toolkit - Design Thinking - Entrepreneurship


Semester 1, 2021

52 pages

19,990 words



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