These notes provide you with order and structure in how you approach problem questions. These are the best banking notes you will find and is most up to date. It focuses on all relevant material that is assessable. I achieved a HD in the final exam. I promise you that these notes will the best set of notes that you will ever receive. I spent around a hundred hours perfecting these notes. This is what makes these sets of notes well worth the investment. Notes are also colour coded so that you can easily determine what is relevant. Light blue = key principle Pink = Cases Dark blue = legislation Red / bold = anything super key to point out Topics: 1. Legal Supervision of Banks and ADIs 2. Cheques, payments and concept of negotiability 3. Bills of Exchange 4. Basic Principles of Bank Lending & ADI Customer Relationship 5. Duties and Liabilities of Bankers 6. An introduction to guarantees 7. Security for Debt


Semester 1, 2022

99 pages

69,728 words



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