This is a complete summary guide (incl. flow chart form) for Australian Income Tax (LAWS3412). The sample contains snapshots of various topics so you can see the layout of the notes. The full guide contains the complete version of the notes that covers all cases and topics. All topics covered including: (i)Introduction, (ii) Concepts of Income, (iii) Capital Gains Tax, (iv) Special Income Considerations, (v) Taxation of Renumeration and Fringe Benefits Tax, (vi) Business Income, (vii) Deductions - relevance, (viii) Business taxation: trading stock (inventory), (ix) Deductions: The Capital/Revenue Distinction, (x) Business Taxation: Depreciation of Assets, (xi) Goods and Services Tax (GST), (xii) Administration of the Tax System, (xiii) Tax Avoidance and Ethics, and (xiv) Entity Taxation: Partnerships, Companies and Trusts.


Semester 1, 2021

53 pages

30,000 words



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