Clear, easy to understand scaffolds which provide a clear step-by-step process for solving all types of problem questions with appropriate authorities. These notes have been written by a student who has composed SULS subject guides for PIL and hence, they have been structured in a way that optimises study time and fosters a comprehensive understanding of the course work. Topics: 1. Nature and Scope of Public International Law 2. Sources of Public International Law 3. Treaties 4. International Law and Domestic Law 5. International Legal Personality, Statehood and Self-Determination 6. State Title to Territory 7. State Jurisdiction 8. Immunity from Jurisdiction I 9. Immunity from Jurisdiction II 10. State Responsibility I 11. State Responsibility II 12. Use of Force 13. Implementation, Enforcement, Accountability


Semester 1, 2021

54 pages

21,411 words



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