Clear, easy to understand comprehensive notes on Criminal Law with notes on case law clearly defining the facts, decision and key principles of each case (both under prescribed and optional readings). These notes additionally contain scaffolds which provide a clear step-by-step process for solving all types of problem questions with appropriate authorities.

- Crime, Law and Morality
- The Scope and Principles of Criminal Law
- The Elements of Criminal Offences I & II
- Homocide I: Murder
- Homocide II: Unlawful and Dangerous Act Manslaughter; Gross Negligence Manslaughter
- Assault, Wounding and GBH Offences
- Sexual Offences
- Larceny
- Extending Criminal Liability: Complicity
- Self-Defence
- Duress and Necessity
- Mental illness and Substantial Impairment by Abnormality of Mind (SIAM)
- Automatism (Involuntariness)
- The Use of Evidence of (i) mental illness or (ii) self-induced intoxication to negate intent


Semester 2, 2020

165 pages

57,724 words



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