These complete notes contain model responses/pre-written script answers with fill in the blanks (for effective case analogising) and step by step guides with easy to follow coloured headings and subheadings. They have been made as clear and succinct as possible for use during the exam. Within these notes are a salient feature 'Cheat Sheet' makes the application of Salient Features incredibly easy to DOC scenarios. These notes are compiled from lecture content, tutorial content, LSS tutorials and prescribed textbook readings. The comprehensive notes include: - Trespass to persons and defences - Trespass to land and defences They include the following for Negligence: -Duty of Care (General, Pure Economic Harm and Pure Mental Harm) - Salient Feature Cheat Sheet - Breach - Causation - Remoteness - Defences - Damages and Vicarious Liability


Semester 2, 2019

144 pages

28,090 words



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