Comprehensive exam notes which secured me an HD (88) in the LDR exam and unit overall.

The notes are well-structured with headings, sub-headings, and cross-references, and with each topic organised in the way it should be discussed in the exam (ie. as a skeleton / flowchart).

Tips from the Chief Examiner are also scattered throughout the notes, helping you maximise your marks and avoid common errors.

Topics include:
1) Legal Problems, Disputes and the Civil Justice System.
2) Jurisdiction.
3) Parties and Claims.
4) Commencing Proceedings, Service and Appearance.
5) Pleadings.
6) Gathering Evidence.
7) Urgent Applications.
8) Costs.
9) Wrapping up Proceedings.
10) Group / Representative Proceedings.
11) Litigation in the Digital Age.


Semester 1, 2021

42 pages

24,605 words



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