Semester 1, 2018

HD LAW2112 (Property A) Exam Notes

23 pages

12,598 words




These are the exact notes I used in the exam, and which I achieved a High Distinction with.

Everything you need to know for the Property A Exam is perfectly summarised, with reference to the relevant case law and legislation.

The notes are structured with clear headings and subheadings. As well as this, each topic is organised in the same way it should be discussed in the exam (i.e. in a skeleton/flowchart structure).

Contents include:
- Information from the introductory topics which may be needed as a foundation for the later examinable topics (e.g. introduction to land title).
- Relativity of Title and Adverse Possession;
- Transfer of Proprietary Interests;
- Leasehold Estates;
- Contractual Licences;
- Easements;
- Restrictive Covenants;
- Mortgages.




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