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lass 1 — The Constitution, its Structure and Principles
Class 2 — Australian Governmental Powers - From Colonial Origins to Independence
Class 3 — Amending the Constitution and Sources of Power and Legitimacy
Class 4 — Amendment of State Constitution — ‘Manner and Form’
Class 5 — The Constitution and Federal Elections
Class 6 — The Constitution and the Commonwealth Franchise
Class 7 — The Constitution and Eligibility of Federal Parliamentarians
Class 9 — The Executive
Class 10 — Executive Powers - Introduction and Prerogative Powers
Class 11 — Executive Powers Continued
Class 12 — Access to Government Information
Class 13 — Delegated Legislation and Rule-Making by the Executive
Class 14 — Integrity Agencies — Ombudsman and Anti-Corruption Bodies
Class 15 — Separation of Commonwealth Judicial Power
Class 16 — Cth Judicial Application of the First Separation Rule
Class 17 — Cth Judicial Flexible Application of the Second Separation Rule
Class 18 — Chapter III Implications Protecting the Institutional Integrity of Courts
Class 19 — ‘Advisory Opinions’ on the Validity of Legislation


Semester 2, 2020

112 pages

63,476 words



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