In depth notes that are easy to understand and follow with clear and logical formatting. In a subject where sources of law can become overwhelming and complicated, these notes are clearly set out, including all the necessary information you will need. With a "Summary of Process" at the beginning of each topic, this will give you a guide of how to methodically approach any problem question or questions of law concerning that topic. All cases begin with facts, every 'rule' from any source of law are underlined and all sources of law are in blue to help you scan these notes efficiently. As a result, these notes are very easy to navigate and therefore are perfect to help guide your own note making and understanding of the topic, but if need, can also help you quickly and efficiently in open book exams.

Sources of International Law
Law of Treaties
International Law and Domestic Law
International Legal Personality, Statehood and Self-Determination
State Title to Territory
State Jurisdiction
Immunity from Jurisdiction I and II
State Responsibility I and II
Use of Force
Implementation, Enforcement and Accountability


Semester 1, 2021

78 pages

42,805 words



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