Unit of Study Modules
1. Introduction to Health and Medical Law
2. Consent to Medical Treatment
3. Professional Liability
4. Reproduction
5. Withdrawal of Treatment, End of Life Decision-Making, and Assisted Dying

Exam Scaffold Topics
1. Mandatory Reporting Obligations
Reporting health practitioners
Reporting children who are at risk of harm
2. Consent to Medical Treatment
Sperm harvesting cases
3. Assault and Battery Claims
4. Negligence Claims
Advice negligence claims (failure to warn)
Failure to diagnose claims
Inadequate management of patients causing harm to third parties
Failure to provide urgently needed assistance
5. Birth-Related Claims
Wrongful birth claims
Wrongful life claims
Pre-natal injury claims
Claims for loss of genetic affinity
6. Liability of Hospitals
Vicarious liability
Non-delegable duty of care
7. Assessment of Damages
Wrongful birth claims
Medical negligence claims, generally
8. Abortions and Abortion Clinics (Safe Access Zones)
Abortion clinics (safe access zones)
9. Withdrawl of Treatment and End of Life Decision Making
Suicide and assisted suicide
Refusal of life-sustaining treatment (by patients)
Withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment (by doctors)
Palliative care
Separation of conjoined twins
Euthanasia and assisted dying


Semester 1, 2021

23 pages

15,381 words



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