have summarised my notes to be as helpful as possible because no one wants a massive unorganised document. These notes are derived from not only the lecture and textbook but also a range of other sources provided to us by the subject coordinators.
 Not only do these notes cover information on every topic, I also provide you with templates of how to answer problem questions (one is provided in the preview), which I found beneficial when completing the exam. Covers: - Intentional Torts to the Person - Trespass to land - Defences to Intentional Torts - Negligence (Duty of Care) - Categories of Duty of Care - Pure Economic Loss - Omissions/ Statutory Authorities - Breach of Duty - Causation - Proof -Remoteness of Damage -Defences to Negligence -Vicarious Liability and Non-Deleable Duties -Concurrent Liability - Nuisance - Death


Semester 1, 2021

58 pages

18,040 words



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