My Sample contains the table of contents as well as one of my exam scaffolds. This will hopefully give you a guide of how helpful these notes are. These notes were fundamental to my success in Public International Law (85 exam result). 40,358 words may seem like a lot but they are a comprehensive set of notes that are organized in an effective manner to ensure you can quickly locate information during the take-home exam. Our exam was a 3-hour take-home exam, which meant it was extremely important to have detailed scaffolds of each topic to answer the problem questions as easily and quickly as possible. I was able to achieve an 85 in the final exam, which was primarily due to my exam scaffolds and with these scaffolds, you will be one step closer to achieving this too. They have detailed explanations of each topic, including detailed case summaries and outlines of the relevant legislation. However, more significantly, they have detailed exam scaffolds for each topic. Topics covered include (see Table of Contents in the Preview for more detail): Sources of International Law - Relationship between International/Municipal Law - Personality & Recognition - Jurisdiction & Immunities - Law of Treaties - State Responsibility (including circumstances precluding wrongfulness and consequences) - Settling International Disputes - Use of Force - Exam Scaffolds


Spring session, 2022

152 pages

37,402 words



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