A structured and concise set of revision notes that cover the unit guide and all lectures in the semester, here to help you get that HD.

Comes with a working table of contents for online use and is ready to be used as preparation for the exam.

Topics include:
Topic 1: Introduction and overview of audit assurance
Topic 2: Ethics, legal liability and client acceptance
Topic 3: Risk Assessment 1
Topic 4: Risk Assessment Phase II
Topic 5: Audit Evidence
Topic 6: Sampling and overview of the risk response phase of the audit
Topic 7a: Gaining an Understanding of Client's System of Internal Controls
Topic 7b: Testing Internal Controls
Topic 8a: Performing Substantive Procedures
Topic 8b: Performing Substantive Procedures
Topic 9: Performing Substantive Procedures
Topic 10: Completing and Reporting on the Audit


Semester 1, 2020

28 pages

11,358 words


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