These are my subject notes which cover each lecture topic presented throughout the semester in detail. These include:

- Module 1: Introduction to abnormal psychology and assessment
- Module 2: Limitations of the DSM-5
- Module 3: Anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and related disorders
- Module 4: Mood disorders
- Module 5: Psychotic disorders
- Module 6: Trauma and stressor related disorders, health and stress
- Module 7: Somatic disorders and dissociative disorders
- Module 8: Personality disorders
- Module 9: Neurodevelopmental disorders
- Module 10: Eating and feeding disorders
- Module 12: Sexual disorders and gender dysphoria
- Module 13: Substance use and addiction
- Module 14: Neurocongitive disorders

Please note:
- Module 11 is blank because of Stuvac.

Each lecture module has been broken down into comprehensible dot points which makes the content easier to understand and build upon.

Please note that these notes do not contain any exam/assignment information, such as quizzes, practice questions, hints, ect. They are purely lecture summaries.


Semester 2, 2020

84 pages

20,987 words



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