These notes includes all lectures and readings from the required textbook, P Radan, J Gooley & I Vickovich, Principles of Australian Contract Law, 4th ed, LexisNexis, Sydney, 2018, from weeks 1-13. They also include the scenarios and notes presented in tutorials

Topics include:
1 Introduction to Contracts; Overview of Contract Remedies
2 Agreement – Offer and Acceptance
3 Consideration; Equitable Estoppel; Intention
4 Certainty and Completeness; Capacity; Requirement of Writing
5 Express Terms
6 Implied Terms; Construction of Terms; Exclusion Clauses
7 Misrepresentation; Misleading or Deceptive Conduct; Mistake
8 Duress; Undue Influence; Unconscionability
9 Discharge by Agreement; Discharge by Performance
10 Discharge by Breach; Discharge by Frustration
11 Illegality
12 Privity of Contract; Contract Theory
13 Contracts in Context;

These notes also include detailed descriptions of key cases used throughout the semester.

These notes are very detailed and extensive, allowing me to achieve a final grade of 85.


Semester 2, 2020

171 pages

105,279 words



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