Notes for the Property final exam - neatly organised so it's super easy to reference in an assessment.

These notes are concisely summarised so you won't be wasting your time reading anything unnecessary.

Includes a full table of case summaries; perfect to refer to in the exam.

Topics include:
- Property interests (estates, mortgages, easements, profit a prendre, options, liens, adverse possession, mere equities)
- Exceptions to indefeasibility (indefeasibility, statutory exceptions, fraud, in personam claims, volunteers)
- Creation of equitable interests (specific performance, part performance, equitable estoppel)
- Priorities disputes (caveats, postponement)
- Essay topic prompts and ideas
- Case summary table

These notes are NOT within the definition of ‘assessment materials’ according the Melbourne Law School Assessment & Results Policy. They do not contain template style sections nor are they lecture transcripts. Therefore it is not a breach of s 42 of the Academic Board Regulation to purchase these notes.


Semester 1, 2020

16 pages

5,424 words



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