Take a look through the beautifully typeset and detailed pages in the preview! The entire course is covered and in great detail. I achieved a very high H1 (95 First Class Honours) in the subject.

**Includes an A4 Exam Cheatsheet at the back.**

Includes all distributions, with explanations, graphs, properties and warnings!

Comprehensive course notes that I created that summarise the *entire* course content and include many useful warnings and tips included! Summarises all lectures and textbook material. Perfect for those who are looking to have a compact REFERENCE to assist during the semester.

Probability is a challenging and theoretical subject, so practice regularly and keep up to date!

Outline of topics
1. Axioms of Probability
2. Conditional Probability
3. Random Variables
4. Discrete Distributions
5. Continuous Distributions
6. Bivariate Random Variables
7. Generating Functions
8. Limit Theorems
9. Stochastic Processes


Semester 2, 2020

59 pages

13,000 words



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