Take a look through the beautifully typeset and detailed pages in the preview! The entire course is covered and in great detail. I achieved a high H1 (94 First Class Honours) in the subject, and dropped only 7 marks across the entire course!

**Includes an A4 Cheatsheet (case summaries) at the back. Note that for 2020, we were allowed to bring in anything to all assessment. So everything you need is right here!.**

Comprehensive course notes that I created that summarise the *entire* course content and include the *required cases from the textbooks*, many useful warnings and tips included! Summarises all Lectures and textbook material.

Perfect for those who are looking to have a compact REFERENCE to assist during the semester. The case summaries of the key points will save you time searching and reading long cases and the clear structure and titles used in my notes will help you to find information quickly!

Outline of topics
1. Introduction to Law
2. Legislation as a Source of Law
3. The Courts a Source of Law
4. Contract Formation
5. Terms of a Contract
6. Contract Performance and Breach
7. Remedies for Breach of Contract
8. Vitiating Factors
9. Australian Consumer Law
10. Tort Law
11. A4 Cheatsheet (case summaries)


Semester 1, 2020

60 pages

20,000 words



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