- Topics from all weeks and lectures are covered: Week 1: Respiratory failure and the use of intubation, Hypoxaemic respiratory failure and modes of ventilatory support Week 2: Ventilatory Support Part 2, Non-invasive ventilation and Acute Respiratory Failure Week 3: Effects of intubation and mechanical ventilation on the cardiopulmonary system, Monitoring and equipment in ICU – implications for assessment and physiotherapy intervention Week 4: 7&8: Evidence-based physiotherapy interventions: Strategies used in intensive care Week 5: Weaning from Ventilatory Support, Acute chest trauma, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Acute care end of life issues / advanced care directives Week 6: The acute neurological/neurosurgical patient – cerebral haemorrhage and tumours, spinal surgery and fractures, and acute neurological physiotherapy management, The patient with acute brain injury – effects of cardiopulmonary interventions on the patient with acute traumatic brain injury Week 8: Framework for physiotherapy management + Impairment: Motor impairments in PD – nature of the impairments and clinical implications of research findings, Impairment: Ataxia – nature of impairment and clinical implications of research findings Week 9: Health conditions: Management of conditions which require adaptation over time (Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease), Evidence based practice – Parkinson’s disease Week 10: Impairment – Fatigue and Overwork weakness – nature of the impairment and clinical implications of research findings, Self-management in chronic neurological conditions Week 11: Activity – Falls prevention and management in degenerative neurological conditions, Activity – Measurement of disability in neurodegenerative conditions which require adaptation over time Week 12: Evidence-based practice: Use of technology in rehabilitation - Lecture, tutorial and reading contents are summarized in the notes in addition with self-researches - Case study and evidence study are also included with relevant descriptions, interpretations and implications - There are personal insights at the end of each of the topic to emphasize the important components of that lecture where you can focus more on - The notes are combined with words, colours, figures and tables which are in great detail and comprehensive to help you achieve an HD


Semester 2, 2020

130 pages

36,313 words



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