A good summary of each topic including important concepts and cases.
The notes are reference colour-coded to make it easier to find information & capture the eye (makes it easier to find during an exam & keeps your focus & interest)

green - legislation
blue - cases
pink - reference to the textbook
yellow - references to the activity or impt information
red - reference to the study guide

Topic 1: Introduction to Constitutional Law
Topic 2: A historical overview: From colonization to federation and beyond; the States and their Constitutions
Topic 3: The division of powers between the Commonwealth & the States
Topic 4: Intergovernmental Immunities
Topic 5: Characterisation & the Trade & Commerce and Corporations Heads of Power
Topic 6: The External affairs and Defence heads of power
Topic 7: The Constitution and the Environment
Topic 8: Section 92 and section 90
Topic 9: Express Constitutional Guarantees
Topic 10: Implied Constitutional Rights & Freedoms
Topic 11: The Constitution & Democracy
Topic 12: The Doctrine of Separation of Powers
Topic 13: Revision – SG161


Semester 1, 2014

52 pages

19,902 words



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