Guaranteed to be a great investment in your studies.

These notes include the LATEST developments in law, which is particularly relevant to the PEL topics as new legislation was introduced in 2020 regarding building designs.

I have completed every single reading and extracted the MAIN POINTS that you will need. I have also provided the corresponding PINPOINT (paragraph and Judge) where ratio or obiter is stated.

Everything is structured in a scaffold layout, which is much better than other notes which are an illogical dump of information. Other scaffolds are also too simplified that you will not achieve sufficient depth. These notes can have fit the entire course in 62 pages, so it is still concise!

In order to best understand these notes:
- Purple = Cases
- Light Blue = Important principle or phrase
- Dark Blue = Legislation
- Read = emphasise an exception or a conjunction
- Bold = emphasis

Topics included:
1. Introduction
2. Causation and Remoteness
3. Measure of Damages in Contract
4. Sums Fixed by Contact
5. Vitiating Factos
6. Duress and Mistake
7. Undue Influence, Unconscionable Conduct and Unfair Contact Terms
8. Misrepresentation and Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
9. Trespass to Land
10. Private Nuisance
11. Trespass to Goods
12. PEL 1
13. PEL 2
14. PEL 3
15. Proportionate liability


Semester 2, 2020

62 pages

38,016 words



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