- Lecture notes inclusive of weeks 1 - 12.
- Topics covered include An Introduction to Tort Law and Theory, Litigating a Claim, Trespass to Person, Trespass to Goods, Trespass to Land, Nuisance, Defences to Intentional Torts, Duty of Care Principles, Categories of Harm, Special Parties, Standard of Care and Breach of Duty, Damage, Remoteness and Causation, Concurrent Liability and Defences to Negligence.
- Notes also include explanations of key concepts including categorisation of damages, apportionment legislation and the Ipp Report.
- Notes are categorised according to the topics studied per week.
- A large portion of the Information is separated into tables. The elements for all tortious offences are clearly outlined in the tables with case law supporting how those elements are applied in different circumstances.
- The elements for defences to torts also appear in tables with their relevant elements clearly outlined.
- Notes are also colour coded. Common law cases appear in orange, examples appear in blue and important considerations appear in pink.
- Relevant legislation is also quoted within and explained.
- These notes are concise yet thorough and include everything needed to prepare for exam hypotheticals and assessments.


Semester 2, 2020

139 pages

40,482 words



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