Best thing about these notes:
All the causes of actions from each week (E.g. Battery for Trespass to the Person or Establishing Duty of Care in Negligence) are broken into their elements with notes on how to establish them. This is what helps in identifying the issues in the problem questions faced in the final exam and gives you a clear structure to follow.

It also has ‘overview’ sections for the more complex topics such as Negligence where it provides a big picture guide to all the elements of negligence and which to apply under what circumstances.

Case summaries are also included but the focus being on the principle and material facts.

These notes were made using a range of Torts textbooks (including the prescribed case book) and tutorial clarification of each element.

These notes helped me get the top mark in the assignment and a mark of 83 overall.


Semester 2, 2014

89 pages

40,167 words



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