This comprehensive set of notes is basically everything you need to get a HD in this unit. I made them and got 92 in the unit while doing it in 1st year, sem 1.

Written using:
1) Lecture notes, tutorial material and the textbook
2) Online material (mainly from youtube) – this results in clear explanations + helpful Diagrams
3) ‘NOTES’ that highlight common errors (that I used when I was a student and when I tutored this subject). They also include helpful tips to follow in some mathematical problems.

These notes are 81 pages because they are in concise bullet points (rather than packed in paragraphs that are difficult to read) with LOADs of diagrams to help you understand the concepts and how different variables interact.

Hope you help you achieve you STELLAR mark :)


Semester 2, 2014

81 pages

23,619 words



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