These compiled notes summarise the physiology part in HSF in a concise and clear format. They will guide you through the fundamental concepts and I prefer using tables to make the content more clearly structured and easier to comprehend. Going through them before exams would be really helpful. Hope my notes can help you achieve high marks. All the best!! BIOM20002 Topic checklist Neuromuscular 1. Membrane potential 2. Electric signalling 3. Neuronal networks 4. Muscle contraction and regulation Cardiorespiratory 1. Muscles of Cardiorespiratory function 2. Cardiac cycle 3. Blood pressure 4. Breath cycle 5. Cardiorespiratory integration Reproductive 1. Spermatogenesis and oogenesis 2. Hormonal regulation Renal 1. Overview 2. Filtration and clearance 3. Tubular function and electrolyte balance 4. Urine concentration and dilution Digestive 1. Elements of control 2. Gastric and intestinal phases


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