This is the comprehensive summary of lectures with neat layout and lucid explanation. If you find it a bit a annoying to read long notes, this set of notes is right for you. I like to use tables to summarise concepts which are more straightforward to understand and memorise. Topics include: 1. Classification 2. Viruses & Prokaryotes 3. Fungi 4. Parasites 5. Diseases and biosecurity 6. Animal parasites 7. Resistance 8. Human evolution 9. Genetics and variations 10. Behaviour of chromosomes 11. Multiple alleles (incl. Monohybrid cross, Extension to Mendel, Sex determination, Aneuploidies, Reciprocal crosses, X inactivation, Independent assortment, Dihybrid cross, Gene interaction, Blood groups, Pedigree analysis, The Test cross, Polygenic inheritance and anything mentioned in lectures) 12. Gene expression 13. Gene transcription & Gene translation 14. Mutation 15. Gene editing & Gene cloning 16. Autosomal linkage & Mapping 17. Genomic imprinting & Epigenetics 18. Genes in population Hope you can ace this subject and get a good mark : )


Semester 2, 2018

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