I used these notes for study and achieved a HD. I have structured notes to flow and demonstrate how concepts are built upon each other. I find tables really helpful in making study straight forward! I have left some spaces for you to write your own reflections or additional information. This document includes notes from each lecture, combined with tutorial information which was related to lectures. Lecture 1: What is learning? Lecture 2: Habituation and Sensitisation Lecture 3: Classical Conditioning Lecture 4: Connectionism Lecture 5: Applications of Classical Conditioning Lecture 6: Operant Conditioning Lecture 8: Applications of Operant Conditioning Mid-Semester Break Lecture 10: Abnormal Behaviour Lecture 11: Observational and Social Learning Lecture 12: Choice Behavioural Economics Lecture 13: Learning and addiction Lecture 14: What Learning Can Tell Us About Study


Semester 2, 2018

27 pages

5,912 words



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