Comprehensive Equity and Trusts Law Case Summaries
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Easy to read and navigate in exam conditions
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Full case summaries for all prescribed and recommended cases
All pertinent case facts, court decision and key case principles

Undue Influence
Unconscionable Bargains
Confidential Information
Fiduciary Duties, including Third Party Liability
Equitable Estoppel
Constructive Trusts: Unconscionable Denial of Beneficial Interests
Equitable Monetary Remedies
Equitable Personal Remedies: Specific Performance
Equitable Personal Remedies: Injunctions
Nature, Description and Classification of Trusts
The Creation of Trusts: Capacity and the Three Certainties
Requirements of Writing
The Creation of Trusts: Complete Constitution
Purpose Trusts – Trusts for Unincorporated Associations and Charitable Trusts
Resulting Trusts, Void and Voidable Trusts
Trusteeship: Capacity, Appointment and Removal of Trustees
Trusteeship: Duties, Powers, Discretion and Rights of Trustees
Beneficiaries Rights, Remedies and Defences for Breach of Trust


Semester 2, 2019

25 pages

9,292 words



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