Comprehensive Constitutional Law Exam Notes
Very easy to read and navigate in exam conditions
Achieved a mark of 7 on the final exam, using these exact notes

Full case summaries for prescribed and recommended cases
All relevant information from prescribed readings

Constitutions and Institutions of Government
Requirement for Direct Choice of Members and Implications From It
Freedom of Political Communication
Freedom of Association
Right to vote
Trade and Commerce Power
Corporations Power
External Affairs
Aliens and Immigration
Defence Power
Race Power
Taxation, Spending and Grants
Grants to States
Spending Power
Acquisition of Property on Just Terms
Prohibition on Discrimination and Preference
Jury Trial
Freedom of Religion
State Constitutions
Express Limits in Commonwealth Constitution on State Power
Freedom of Interstate Trade and Commerce
Freedom of Interstate Intercourse
Prohibition on Discrimination Against out of State Residents
Separation of Judicial Power
Independence of State Courts
Limit on State Laws Affecting State Courts


Semester 1, 2019

198 pages

80,000 words



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