These notes have been compiled from weekly content and the prescribed textbook. Are you having trouble wrapping your head around this unit? these notes have been a lifesaver and will help you complete assignments and ace the end of unit examination.
Topics covered include:
Week 1- Market planning and analysis
Week 2- B2B Marketing and organisational buyer behaviour
Week 3- Inter-organisational relationships
Week 4- Managing products
Week 5- Managing services
Week 6- Managing marketing channels
Week 7- Business marketing communications
Week 8- Personal selling and sales management
Week 9- Pricing strategies for business markets
Week 10- Performance management and business marketing perspectives
Feel free to check out the preview. These notes will help you immensely with the overwhelming amount of content. Grade Achieved- 88


Trimester 1, 2020

54 pages

14,045 words



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