These notes have been formulated to assist you to grasp weekly learning content. They are developed from weekly content, textbooks, readings and handy tips I have put together from grasping a concept in class. I also found them useful for assignments to compliment interpreting data in the program SPSS. Content covered includes: Week 1- Fundamentals of Biostatistics Week 2- Descriptive Statistics Week 3- Presenting Descriptive Statistics Week 4- Sampling and Probability theory Week 5- Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing Week 6- Choosing the right test Week 7- Tests of Difference 1 Week 8- Tests of Difference 2 Week 9- Tests of Association 1 Week 10- Tests of Association 2 Week 11- Tests of Association 2 continued Grade Achieved- 86


Trimester 2, 2019

26 pages

6,677 words



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