A comprehensive set of notes for the CCL exam. These long-form notes assisted me to achieve a score of 84 in CCL!

I have made the notes logical and well-structured, and they cover all 12 weeks of lectures and sketch notes.

NB: The sample of my notes includes: 2 pages of the 'Answer Skeleton'; 3 pages of the 'Topic Notes' and 2 pages of 'Case Summaries' These are random in order and not the way the actual notes are organised.

What is included:
1. Topic Summaries:
- Introduction
-Liability of Manufacturers of Goods with Safety Defects
-Consumer Guarantees
-Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
-Unfair terms and Unconscionable conduct
-Product Safety Standards and Statutory Remedies
-Markets, market power and competition
-Misuse of market power
-Anti-competitive arrangements
-Exclusive dealing
-Resale Price Maintenance, penalties and remedies

2. Case Summaries: Clear case summaries (Facts, Issue, Held) included for ALL cases on the reading guide.
3. Answer Skeleton: This answer skeleton took me HOURS to create and the part I primarily relied upon in the exam. It is colour coded and there is a legend on the top for how to follow the notes (as shown in the sample). Super easy to use and apply in stressful exam conditions, and ENSURE you don't miss vital pieces of information. Also super easy to adapt if there have been changes to the reading guide by following the legend.

3. Extracts of legislation: integrated into each topic (no need to carry a separate set of legislation, or scramble to find a particular subsection that relates to a topic). However please make sure you update according to changes in reading guide.
Good luck with the subject! :)


Semester 1, 2020

179 pages

50,000 words



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