A comprehensive set of notes for the Taxation Law exam. These long-form notes assisted me to achieve a score of 80 in LAW4704!

I have made the notes logical and well-structured, cover all 12 weeks of lectures, and included information relevant to answering exam questions, so it will be easy to navigate in stressful exam conditions.

In the SAMPLE I have included an random example of a Topic summary, a part of the Exam Skeleton and some Case Summaries so you get the broad view of what my notes are like :)

What is included:

Summaries for all essential topics over the semester:
The topics are colour coded so should be easy to pick out in exam conditions. (see Sample)
o Taxation Principles and Theory
o Income Tax
o Goods and Services Tax
o Ordinary Income
o Deductions
o Capital Write Offs and Allowances
o Capital Gains Tax
o Companies
o Superannuation

2. Case Summaries: Clear case summaries included (Facts, Issue and what held) for ALL cases on the semester’s reading guide. These are all coloured in different colours, which helps with remembering principles and finding cases amongst notes in stressful exam conditions. (see Sample)

3. Extracts of legislation: integrated into each topic as needed (no need to carry a separate set of legislation, or scramble to find a particular subsection that relates to a topic). However please make sure you update according to changes in reading guide, as tax legislation updates quite frequently.

5. Question Skeleton: The end of the notes I have an Answer Skeleton: Step by step question structures in the more complex topics/pre-written answer skeletons that you can fill out for the exam. These provide checklists to make sure all relevant points are covered during answering an question in an exam. (see Sample)


Semester 2, 2019

133 pages

35,249 words



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