Hi! These are very comprehensive and detailed notes taken from lectures, several textbooks, required readings, other online sources and empirical studies. This unit requires a lot of reading, understanding of theories and keeping up to date with latest data. I've tried to compile most of that into my notes and it's definitely helped me achieve a high grade this semester. These notes are definitely a great supplementary guide in addition to the lectures and tutorial exercises which I hope will improve your understanding of these topics! Topic list - 1. Overview of Economic Development 2. Growth Models and Development 3. Dual Economy Models and Rural Urban Migration 4. Wage Rigidity: The Efficiency Wage Hypothesis 5. Measurement of Economic Inequality 6. Poverty and Undernutrition 7. Malnutrition and Health 8. Gender Bias, Women's Empowerment and Missing Women 9. Measures of Inequality and MDGs and SDGs 10. Development and Climate Change


Semester 1, 2020

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