These are VERY comprehensive and detailed notes that cover all the material you need to know in CHM1022. The notes are 92 pages in total, but be reminded that this covers all the content from lectorials and tutorials. The notes go through the content of each week in the semester throughout organic and inorganic chemistry. I was able to use these notes to my benefit in every assessment, and I was able to achieve HD in this unit.

The notes include written theory, many diagrams which help to understand the material, and a few sample questions and how to solve them.

These notes are definitely a great supplementary guide in addition to lectorial and tutorial exercises which will definitely improve your understanding of CHM1022 :)

Topic list:
- Intro to organic chemistry
- Aromatic compounds
- Ketones and Aldehydes
- Organic stereochemistry
- Acids, esters, amides and polymers
- Chemical detectives
- Intro to inorganic chemistry
- Compounds and Complexes
- Ligands
- Inorganic stereochemistry, Crystal Field Theory
- Colour and Magnetism of Inorganic Complexes
- Biological Applications to Inorganic Chemistry


Semester 2, 2018

93 pages

10,664 words



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